Wallworker clamps applications

You can now build your concrete retaining walls, raised garden beds, fences, houses or sheds and rock or earth walls quickly and simply using the unique Wallwork clamps which can be set-up almost instantly.

In the past, people found using formwork very frustrating.  All their time and effort went into building cumbersome formwork instead of the wall, with these new clamps it only takes you minutes to form-up meters of wall.

People are using the forms made with the clamps to build all sorts of walls from concrete retaining walls, raised garden beds and stone retaining walls to stone and earth houses.

So, if you have never laid stone before these clamps will assist you to build straight, vertical walls quickly and economically even with difficult to lay stones, like river rocks – which also happen to be a lot cheaper than other types of rocks.

Or if you want to build raised garden beds than Wallworker clamps will make the job simpler and easier.

Or if you want to build a house or a shed either using concrete, rock or poured earth, than Wallworker clamps gives you that option.

These wall building clamps will save you time and money, especially when building small (under 1 meter high)  walls that would normally be built using concrete blocks. The feedback we get is that you can build a concrete wall using these clamps in half the time for half the cost compared to concrete blocks.

You do not need any form working experience to quickly and accurately set up these patented wall building clamps and they only need minimal bracing so are suitable for building walls in confined spaces.  They can be set up on footings that are not completely level, again saving you time and money. They are also suitable to form up footings in loose or sandy soil.

The clamps are available in two models one for 300mm deep boards and the other for 600mm deep boards.with these clamps, you can make straight forms, corners, tees to suit your exact wall building requirements.

Whether you are a DIY, a tradie or in construction, you will find these tough, practical clamping mechanism will help you to get the job done.