Building cost comparisons

Building cost comparisons

Below are some cost comparisons based on prices in Newcastle NSW

Approximate cost per square metre to build a concrete retaining wall 200mm thick using Wallworker forms  including footings with good access.

Formwork hire per square metre* $20
Concrete 0.2 m3 @ $300 m3 $60
Labour @ $45/hour per m2* $45
Reo $5
footings $150 per linear metre $150
Sub Total per square metre $280
GST $28
Total $308

The estimate for building a core filled Besser block retaining wall including footings is $550 to $660 per square meter

* The formwork hire price is based on the one day hire rate for larger jobs and longer hire the rate would be less

*The labour rate is an average  for one person to assemble, pour and strip the formwork at one square metre per hour. For larger and/or more straight forward jobs the labour cost per square metre would be lower.