How it all started

When Ken had a hobby farm he had to build concrete and rock walls quickly and simply. So he made some crude slip forms and over several years, using his mechanical engineering experience developed them into a practical, versatile, system for building retaining walls, raised garden beds, fences or houses in concrete, rock or earth  in half the time for half the price.

Ken also noticed DIY people and tradies get very frustrated when they were making custom formwork because all their time, money and effort goes into making cumbersome, one shot formwork. This motivated him to design and produce simple, affordable formwork so they can set up metres of the wall in minutes, especially for 100 to 200 mm thick walls with corners and tees and to be able to do it with only basic carpentry skills and no form working experience.

Ken’s journey with this formwork

Ken has been working on the design and development of these forms, on and off,  for over 20 years and during that time realised that design is a process of elimination.

He had a very large pile of reject designs which really frustrated him every time he looked at them thinking he had wasted his time. Until he realised it is just part of the process of moving to a better design.

What does this mean for you?

The duds are in the pile of rejects and the features that work are incorporated into the product. Customers say they can see that a lot of thought has gone into the design of the clamping mechanism. That is why they are simple and intuitive to use,  complexity exist within simplicity and the greatest compliment you can give a product is to say “that looks really simple” even for an appropriate technology product like these clamps.